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chiropractor harrogate


Alex graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. During his time at university he developed a passion for sports-related chiropractic, and since treating multiple high-level athletes.

Alex enjoys making sport and exercise more accessible for everyone not just the professionals. He finds the most useful advice relates to rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Although he enjoys treating the spine, as a keen rock climber Alex loves to treat the arms and legs. He takes pride in treating anything from finger and wrist injuries to foot and ankle problems.

On his days off you’ll find Alex in the gym or on an adventure outdoors!


Paediatic Chiropractor


Debbie's first 10 years in practice were spent in general practice, seeing people of all ages and with all problems. After having 3 children of her own she knew she wanted to specialise in Paediatrics so undertook a masters in 2000.

Working with babies under 6 months has become the main part of her practice alongside health consultations and support with lifestyle changes.

Debbie solely works with a non invasive technique with no cracking called Neuro-Impulse Protocol (NIP) this mostly suits tiny babies and adult patients love it too!

She is the author of the health book 'Get Off Your Iceberg' and will be running health talks regularly at the clinic offering as much help as she can on additional aspects you can apply to improve your overall health.

She has owned her own clinics for over 30 years in the Yorkshire area and it’s an absolute joy to be working alongside her son now here at Impulse Chiropractic.

chiropractor harrogate
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